Just watched Castle’s season 3 finale! DAMN

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When you really wanna slap the shit outta somebody, but you tryna get right with the Lord.
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Anonymous sent: They haven't cancelled it yet. I have a deep fear that they will cancel because ABC Family is a horrible horrible channel with good shows. They're still thinking about it. Try tweeting them as much as you can asking them not to.

ok! I hope they don’t cancel

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my-dignity-broke-the-fall sent: i really love Twisted :( what makes you think it got cancelled? I haven't seen anything about it being cancelled. That would break my heart :(

on abc family’s facebook page twisted is not on their lineup https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152133281445674&set=a.401799715673.176253.9002965673&type=1&stream_ref=10 ]=

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my spirit is crushed

slaaaay mama
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